, Breakfast, Networking

Opening Plenary Session: Looking Up and Out

9:00 -10:00

Welcome & Introduction of Speaker: Julie Coiro
Featured Speaker: Dr. Sara Kajder - Start to Finish: Integrating New Literacies Pedagogies into Our Classrooms
BREAK (Visit NLC Salon)

Breakout Sessions - Digging Deeper

12:15 -1:00
LUNCH BREAK -- Dr. Sara Kajder will be available for informal conversation over lunch. At 12:30, Sara will focus on "Real Reasons to Write: Working with Authentic Tools, Tasks, and Audiences."
It is an exhilarating (and daunting) time to work with student writers as the toolset is ever changing and continually creating new opportunities and audiences for students. This session will be a bit of a disruption, arguing that the "core" of what we do as writing teachers remains largely stable amidst the explosion of new tools and spaces for writers. We will explore student work in learning to write by writing, exploring writing as a process, using writing to think, engaging with authentic audiences and purposes, connecting writing and reading and writing to see themselves.
1:00 – 2:35

Cool Tools for Learning - Playing Around

2:35 – 2:50
BREAK (Visit NLC Salon)
2:50 – 4:30

Design Studio - Just Do It!

4:30 – 4:45

Wrap Up - Don

After Hours Dabbling:

Take time to communicate with your Inquiry Partner about your collaboration process. What is working well? What are your challenges? How will you work through your challenges? Are you creating "synergy" with your partner? How are your work styles similar and different?
Tuesday's Inquiry Process Benchmarks
  • Have you attended 2 Cool Tools sessions? (Remember, design partners should attend different sessions!)
  • Have you gathered and analyzed information related to your instructional plan?
  • Have you considered the types of TPACK you will need to carry out this lesson?
  • Are you collaborating effectively with your partner? Are you creating synergy with your partner?
  • Have you made clear connections with the MA Curriculum Frameworks?
  • Have you begun to create project content (i.e., inquiry question, gather & analyze data, etc.) on your wiki page?
To promote reflection with your inquiry partner(s) and table mates, review the learning products rubric external image pdf.png LearningProductsRubricFinal.pdf and prompting questions external image pdf.png PromtpingQuestionsFinal.pdf