8:30 – 9:00
, Breakfast, Networking

Opening Plenary Session: Looking Up and Out

Welcome and Introduction: Jill Castek
Featured Speaker: Dr. Bridget Dalton
"Reaching Diverse Students: Reading and Learning with Digital Tools and Media" (Click Here to Access Dr. Dalton's Handouts)
BREAK (Visit NLC Salon)
Teacher Leader Panel Discussion:
Kevin Hodgson
Donna Criswell
Ann Marie Dlott
Denise Salemi

We set up a backchannel on Chatterous for your reactions and questions to our talk: http://www.chatterous.com/nlitalk/

11:15 -


New Literacies Teacher Leader Dance
12:00 - 1:00
LUNCH BREAK- Dr. Bridget Dalton will be available for informal conversation over lunch. At 12:35, Dr. Dalton will offer a guided tour of Strategy Tutor with a focus on using it to support content area learning.
1:00 – 1:25

1:25- 2:30
We are honored to have Commissioner Mitchell D. Chester make brief remarks to all participants.

Edwin Guarin, from Microsoft, a member of the State Educational Technology Advisory Panel who helped us obtain these beautiful facilities, will also make brief remarks. Some additional resources Edwin shared with participants include:

Connie Louie will then introduce each of the district teams who are participating in the institute to our visitors.

Commissioner Chester will then join
interested school leaders for a discussion facilitated by Don Leu from 1:25-2:30
Teacher Leadership in Action: Visual Explorer Activity
Facilitated by Hiller & JulieWhat will you contribute as a new literacies teacher leader?

1. Take a gallery walk and select one image. The image should reflect 1) A leadership quality that you aspire to; OR 2) A challenge you anticipate in your role as a teacher leader and how you might approach the challenge. (8 minutes)
2. Return to your design studio groups. Take turns articulating to your colleagues at your table why you chose the image you chose. (10 minutes)
3. Generate a 3-2-1 action plan that consists of 1) Three goals you want to achieve by the end of the year; 2) Who are two people you will collaborate with to achieve those goals?; and 3) What is the first realistic step you will take to address this plan? (15 minutes)
4. Post your plan at http://www.newlit.org
2:00 - 2:15
BREAK (Visit NLC Salon)
2:30 – 4:30

Design Studio - Just Finish It!

Inquiry partners please post a description of your products of learning on newlit.org by 5:00 pm today. Remember to include the url to your wiki.
4:30 – 4:45

Wrap Up: John Lee

After Hours Dabbling:

In preparation for tomorrow's Design Studio Showcase, Inquiry Partners be prepared to share your work with your colleagues. From 9:00 - 9:45, one partner travels and views other projects while the other partner stays "home" and displays their project. From 9:45 - 10:30 partners switch roles.

Everyone peruse your colleagues instructional plans and note several that you are interested in learning more about. You will have an opportunity to view these projects and discuss them during Design Studio Showcase.
Thursday's Inquiry Process Benchmarks
  • Have you critically evaluated and revised your instructional plan? Is it aligned with your state's standard course of study?
  • Do you have a completed innovative instructional plan posted on your wiki?
  • Do you have a technology product that supports your instructional plan or an example/model of what it is you want students to create?
  • Have you leveraged your newly developed TPACK in this lesson?
  • Have you made clear connections with the MA Curriculum Frameworks?

To promote reflection with your inquiry partner(s) and table mates, review the learning products rubric
external image pdf.png
external image pdf.png
LearningProductsRubricFinal.pdf and prompting questions
external image pdf.png
external image pdf.png