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Our work this week will include a Design Studio Inquiry Project that will involve you creating a lesson plan and a technology product.

You should select an inquiry topic that is of interest to you. Your work might be focused on one of these areas.
  • English/Language Arts
  • Math
  • Science
  • Social studies
  • Foreign language
  • Elementary
  • Global Issues
  • Information Technology
  • Other

We would like for you to work with a partner(s). Here are a few rules for selecting a partner.

Try to work in pairs.
Your partner should be from another school
You can work within a single discipline or in an interdisciplinary manner.

The first step in our design studio inquiry process is to brainstorm some topics of interest. We would like for you to write topics that you find interesting on our public posting spaces (poster boards on the windows).

Once you have written down your topics and name, make sure to walk around look for others who have interests similar to you. Over the first half of the day, during this session, during breaks, and during lunch, you should find a partner. Remember the rules above when finding your partner.

When you have found a partner, we will move into our first Design Studio session Monday afternoon at 3:00. In this session, we will review the inquiry process in depth and work on developing inquiry questions.