For this Cool Tools session we will be tackling the huge problem that exists as we teach our students and colleagues how to use all of these great ICT tools that we're do we show others how to use them? Using various, FREE tools we can create multimodal directions that learners can watch, watch again.

The first tool that we can use is Skitch . Skitch is a FREE tool that you can download and run on Macs. You can use it to take screen captures (pictures of anything on your screen) and annotate them if needed. You can then save them online and share them at Skitch...or simply paste into word, powerpoint, emails...whatever. Skitch can be used to create online quizzes, examples of how to log-in to web spaces, or examples of ICT tool use.

The second tool that can be used is a little more advanced...but helps students and colleagues have a much more detailed look at what you're explaining. Jing is a FREE online tool that can be used to create video screen captures of whatever you have on your screen. Jing can be downloaded to your Mac or PC. The videos can then include your voice to add your voice to the description.

Jing requires a sign-up, and this also includes web hosting space at Screencast..which allows you to easily host and share the videos you've created. You can pay extra for Jing Pro, which provides more functions, such as the ability to save and download files as MPEG-4 video clips. I don't view this as necessary since most people will view your tutorials online and can revisit them when needed...even at home. The sharing can be done using links in emails, or by embedding in web pages. The videos created for the Xtranormal page, and the Skitch Cool Tools sessions we created using Jing.

I apologize in advance for the high volume level on this video...